Table of Contents

COVER; Contents; Introduction; Part One: Uncomplicated Mourning; Chapter I - Crisis Grief: The Hour of Lead; Chapter II - The Work of Mourning: Assessing the Relationship and Letting Go; Chapter III - Brutal Gifts: Loss as a Vehicle for Growth; Part Two: Complicated Mourning; Chapter IV - Risk Factors: Circumstances that Complicate; Chapter V - Stuck in Denial: When Crisis Grief goes Awry; Chapter VI - Perennial Mourners: When Loss has no Resolution; Chapter VII - Engulfed Mourners: When Grief Turns to Depression; Chapter VIII - A Death in the Family: How Parents and Children Mourn Part Three: ResolutionsChapter IX - Adaptations and Therapy; Chapter X - Creative Resolutions: When Grief Inspires; Notes; Bibliography; Index This book is a comprehensive guide to the mourning process by a world-recognized authority on grief. How we cope with grief and come to terms with the death of a loved one shapes our world. Dr Volkan shows how each mourning is as individualized as our fingerprints, encoded with our past history of losses. Anecdotal and compassionate, this is a profoundly moving and informative study of how grief and loss shape all our lives.