Table of Contents

Queer. Bersani on location / Heather Love.
Embarrassment and the forms of redemption / David Kurnick.
Queer betrayals / Jack Halberstam.
Psychoanalysis. Cinema a tergo: shooting in elephant / Ellis Hanson.
Reading Freud: Bersani and Lacan / James Penney.
Addressing oneself: Bersani and the form/fold of self-relation / Patrick Ffrench.
Monadological psychoanalysis: Bersani, Laplanche, Beckett / Mikko Tuhkanen.
Aesthetic. Is the rectangle a grave?: ethics, horizon / Michael Snediker.
Proust, shattering: aesthetic subjects and the metonymies of desire / E. L. McCallum.
A future for Henry James / David McWhirter.
Extreme style: Firbank, Faulkner, and perspectives on modern traditions / Kevin Ohi.
Interview. Rigorously speculating: an interview with Leo Bersani (May, 2013).