Table of Contents

I: Freedom.
Eden/Shangri-la / Angus McDonald.
Tragedy and evil : from Holderlin to Heidegger / Franðcoise Dastur.
Interrupting evil and the evil of interruption-revisiting the question of freedom / Marcia Sâa Cavalcante Schuback.
Wickedness inscribed in freedom : Jean-Luc Nancy on evil / Sami Santanen.
Arche-evil : Derrida's philosophy explained through the concept of evil / Jari Kauppinen.
II: Terror.
Hell on earth : Hannah Arendt in the face of Hitler / Jacob Rogozinski.
Total evil : the law under totalitarianism / Ari Hirvonen.
The birth of terrorism out of the spirit of Enlightenment : the subject of Enlightenment and the terrorist sensorium / Artemy Magun.
The catechism of the citizen : politics, law, and religion in, after, with, and against Rousseau / Simon Critchley.
III: Desire.
What's so funny about infinite justice / Janne Porttikivi.
Moralization interrupted : on Lacan's thesis of the supreme good as radical evil / Maec de Kesel.
When psychoanalysis meets law and evil : perversion and psychopathy in the forensic clinic / Jochem Willemsen and Paul Verhaeghe.
That which in life might prefer death : from the death drive to the desire of the analyst / Vâeronique Voruz.