Table of Contents

Analysis of Rabin's polynomial irreducibility test.
A chip search problem on binary numbers.
Uniform service systems with k servers.
Faster non-linear parametric search with applications to optimization and dynamic geometry.
Super-state automata and rational trees.
An Eilenberg theorem for words on countable ordinals.
Maximal groups in free Burnside semigroups.
Positive varieties and infinite words.
Unfolding parametric automata.
Fundamental structures in Well-Structured infinite Transition Systems.
Shape reconstruction with Delaunay complex.
Bases for non-homogeneous polynomial C k splines on the sphere.
The splitting number of the 4-cube.
Short and smooth polygonal paths.
Quantum cryptanalysis of hash and claw-free functions.
Batch verification with applications to cryptography and checking.
Strength of two Data Encryption Standard implementations under timing attacks.
Spectral techniques in graph algorithms.
Colouring graphs whose chromatic number is almost their maximum degree.
Circuit covers in series-parallel mixed graphs.
A linear time algorithm to recognize clustered planar graphs and its parallelization.
A new characterization for parity graphs and a coloring problem with costs.
On the clique operator.
Dynamic packet routing on arrays with bounded buffers.
On-Line matching routing on trees.
Analyzing Glauber dynamics by comparison of Markov chains.
The CREW PRAM complexity of modular inversion.
Communication-efficient parallel multiway and approximate minimum cut computation.
The geometry of browsing.
Fast two-dimensional approximate pattern matching.
Improved approximate pattern matching on hypertext.
Solving equations in strings: On Makanin's algorithm.
Spelling approximate repeated or common motifs using a suffix tree. This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third Latin American Symposium on Theoretical Informatics, LATIN'98, held in Campinas, Brazil, in April 1998. The 28 revised full papers presented together with five invited surveys were carefully selected from a total of 53 submissions based on 160 referees' reports. The papers are organized in sections on algorithms and complexity; automata, transition systems and combinatorics on words; computational geometry and graph drawing; cryptography; graph theory and algorithms on graphs; packet routing; parallel algorithms; and pattern matching and browsing.