Table of Contents

Laser-Tissue Interactions.
Laser Safety: Regulations, Standards and Practice Guidelines.
Lasers for Treatment of Vascular Lesions.
Laser for Scars.
Laser Treatment of Leg Veins.
Lasers and Lights for Treating Pigmented Lesions.
Laser Treatment of Tattoos.
Laser for Hair Removal.
Lasers for Resurfacing.
Fractional Photothermolysis.
Plasma Resurfacing.
Sub-Surfacing Lasers.
Non-invasive Rejuvenation/Skin Tightening: Light-Based Devices.
Laser and Light Therapies for Acne.
Lasers for Psoriasis and Hypopigmentation.
Lasers and Lights for Adipose Tissue and Cellulite.
Intense Pulse Light (IPL).
Photodynamic Therapy.
Light-Emitting Diode Phototherapy in Dermatological Practice.
Laser and Light for Wound Healing Stimulation.
Lasers in Hair Growth and Hair Transplantation.
Reflectance-Mode Confocal Microscopy in Dermatological Oncology.
Laser Clinical and Practice Pearls.
The Selection and Education of Laser Patients.
Anesthesia for Laser Surgery.
Laser Application for Ethnic Skin.
Laser Applications in Children.
Dressings/Wound Care for Laser Treatment.
Prevention and Treatment of Laser Complications.
Ethical Issues.
Medicolegal Issues (Documentation/Informed Consent).
Psychological Aspects to Consider Within Laser Treatments.
Photography of Dermatological Laser Treatment.
Online Resources for Dermatologic Laser Therapies.
Starting a Laser Practice.
Research and Future Directions.
Laser/Light Applications in Ophthalmology: Visual Refraction.
Laser/Light Applications in Ophthalmology: Posterior Segment Applications.
Laser/Light Application in Ophthalmology: Control of Intraocular Pressure.
Laser/Light Application in Dental Procedures.
Laser/Light Applications in Otolaryngology.
Laser/Light Applications in Gynecology.
Laser/Light Applications in General Surgery.
Laser/Light Applications in Urology.
Lasers in Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery.
Laser/Light Applications in Neurology and Neurosurgery.
Laser/Light Applications in Anesthesiology.