Table of Contents

Diachronic change and typology, as illustrated with languages of East and Southeast Asia / Nina V. Solntseva.
Typology and change in Alaskan languages / Michael Krauss.
Principles of grammaticization : towards a diachronic typology / Paul J. Hopper.
Syntactic residues / Winfred P. Lehmann. General and specific tendencies in historical change of language type / Viktoria N. Yartseva.
Typology in the service of internal reconstruction : Saxalin Nivx / Robert Austerlitz.
Typology and phonological history / Alan Timberlake.
Diachronic typology and reconstruction : the "archaism" of Germanic and Armenian in light of the glottalic theory / Thomas V. Gamkrelidze.
Alignment typology and diachronic change / Alice C. Harris.
On the source of the genitive in ergative languages / Georgij A. Klimov.
Some preconditions and typical traits of the stative-active language type (with reference to proto-Indo-European) / Johanna Nichols.
Historical morphemics and unit-order typology / Viktor A. Vinogradov.
Relative pronouns and P.I.E. word order type in the content of the Eurasiatic hypothesis / Joseph H. Greenberg.