Table of Contents

Characteristics of Chinese in relation to language disorders / Roxana Fung.
The role of phonological saliency and phonological template in typically and atypically developing phonology : evidence from Putonghua-speaking children / Hua Zhu.
Grammatical characteristics of Mandarin-speaking children with specific language impairment / Hintat Cheung.
A construction account of question acquisition in Cantonese-speaking children with SLI / Anita M-Y. Wong and Stephanie F. Stokes.
Morphosyntactic deficits in Cantonese-speaking children with specific language impairment / Paul Fletcher ... [et al.].
Assessing Cantonese-speaking children with language difficulties from the perspective of evidence-based practice : current practice and future directions / Thomas Klee ... [et al.].
Morphological deficit and dyslexia subtypes in Chinese / Sina Wu, Jerome L. Packard, and Hua Shu. Developmental dyslexia in Chinese : behavioural, genetic and neuropsychological issues / Kathrin Klingebiel and Brendan Stuart Weekes.
Lexical tones perceived by Chinese aphasic subjects / Jie Leung.
Selective grammatical-class deficits : implications for the representation of grammatical information in Chinese / Zaizhu Han and Yanchao Bi.
Acquired reading disorders in Chinese : implications for models of reading / Brendan Stuart Weekes, I. Fan Su, and Wengang Yin.
Age of acquisition effects on picture naming in Chinese anomia / Sam-Po Law ... [et al.].
The effect of semantic integrity of words with preserved lexico-phonological representation on verbal recall / Winsy Wong and Sam-Po Law.
Cantonese linguistic communication measure (CLCM) : a clinical tool for assessing aphasic narrative production / Anthony Pak-Hin Kong and Sam-Po Law.
A semantic treatment for Cantonese anomic patients : implications for the relationship between impairment and therapy / Sam-Po Law, Winsy Wong, and Elva Wong.
Acquired dyslexia in Mongolian and Chinese / Brendan Stuart Weekes and I. Fan Su.