Table of Contents

Developments in Embryo in Vitro Production (IVP) Technology.
The Bovine Oestrous Cycle and Associated Events.
Recovering the Bovine Oocyte.
Maturing the Bovine Oocyte.
Capacitating Bovine Sperm.
In Vitro Fertilization.
Culturing and Evaluating the Early Bovine Embryo.
Preservation of Embryos and Oocytes.
Establishing Pregnancies with IVP Embryos.
Embryos and Oocytes in Research and Commerce. This second edition of Laboratory Production of Cattle Embryos reviews advances in embryo production technology, with emphasis on the common ground between cattle and human embryology. The 10 chapters discuss developments in embryo in vitro production (IVP) technology, the oestrous cycle, oocyte recovery, oocyte maturation, sperm capacitation, in vitro fertilization, culture and evaluation of early cattle embryos, embryo and oocyte preservation, establishing pregnancies with IVP embryos and embryos and oocytes in research and commerce. Appendices that present embryo production protocols, preparation of culture media, cryopreservation procedures and various sources of information concerning in vitro production and transfer of cattle embryos are also included, as well as an index and a list of tables and figures. This book will be of interest to those working in areas of animal breeding and reproduction and in animal and veterinary science.