Table of Contents

Front Matter.
The Revolution of Real-Time, Label-Free Biosensor Applications / Rebecca L Rich, David G Myszka.
Design and Implementation of Vertically Emitting Distributed Feedback Lasers for Biological Sensing / Meng Lu, Steven S Choi, Chun Ge, Clark J Wagner, J Gary Eden, Brian T Cunningham.
SPR Screening of Chemical Microarrays for Fragment-Based Discovery / Thomas Neumann, Renate Sekul.
The CellKeyʼ System: A Label-Free Cell-Based Assay Platform for Early Drug Discovery Applications / Ryan P McGuinness, Debra L Gallant, Yen-Wen Chen, Trisha A Tutana, Donna L Wilson, John M Proctor, H Roger Tang.
Dynamic and Label-Free Cell-Based Assays Using the xCELLigence System / Yama A Abassi, Alexander Sieler, Manfred Watzele, Xiaobo Wang, Xiao Xu.
Selecting the Best HTS Hits to Move Forward: ITC Ligand Binding Characterization Provides Guidance / Ronan O'Brien, Richard Brown.
Incorporating Transmitted Light Modalities into High-Content Analysis Assays / Robert Graves.
Nonradioactive Rubidium Efflux Assay Technology for Screening of Ion Channels / Georg C Terstappen.
Expanding the Scope of HTMS Methods / Tom G Holt, Jun Wang, Xun Chen, Bernard K Choi, Neil S Geoghagen, Kristian K Jensen, Maxine Jonas, Qi Luo, William A LaMarr, Lorraine Malkowitz, Can C Ozbal, Yusheng Xiong, Claude Dufresne, Ming-Juan Luo.
A Novel Multiplex SPR Array for Rapid Screening and Affinity Determination of Monoclonal Antibodies: The ProteOn XPR36 Label Free System: Kinetic Screening of Monoclonal Antibodies / Vered Bronner, Oded Nahshol, Tsafrir Bravman.
Biophysics/Label-Free Assays in Hit Discovery and Verification / Johannes Ottl.
Harnessing Optical Label-Free on Microtiter Plates for Lead Finding: From Binding to Phenotypes / Julio Martin.
Use of Label-Free Detection Technologies in the Hit-to-Lead Process: Surface Optical Detection of Cellular Processes / F Stuhmeier, J Bradley, E Fairman, E Gbekor, P Hayter, S Ramsey.
Cellular Screening for 7TM Receptors Using Label-Free Detection / Jeffrey C Jerman, Jason Brown, Magalie Rocheville.
Novartis Evaluation of the ForteBio Octet RED: A Versatile Instrument for Direct Binding Experiments / Eric Martin, John Wang, Isabel Zaror, Jiamin Yu, Kelly Yan, Mike Doyle, Paul Feucht, Kevin Shoemaker, Bob Warne, Mike Chin, Blisseth Sy, Lukas Leder, Marco Meyerhofer, Charles Wartchow, Danfeng Yao.
The Pyramid₉ Approach to Fragment-Based Biophysical Screening / Glyn Williams.
Characterisation of Antibodies Against the Active Conformation of G Using the SRU-BINDʼ Label-Free Detection System / Melanie Leveridge, Chun-Wa Chung, Trevor Wattam.
SPR-Based Direct Binding Assays in Drug Discovery / Walter Huber.
Kinetic Binding Mechanisms: Their Contribution to an Optimal Therapeutic Index / David C Swinney.
ITC: More Than Just Binding Affinities / Ernesto Freire.
Index. The revolution of real-time, label-free biosensor applications / Rebecca L. Rich and David G. Myszka.
Design and implementation of vertically emitting distributed feedback lasers for biological sensing / Meng Lu ... [et al.].
SPR screening of chemical microarrays for fragment based discovery / Thomas Neumann and Renate Sekul.
The cellkey system : a label-free cell-based assay platform for early drug discovery applications / Ryan P. McGuinness ... [et al.].
Dynamic and label-free cell-based assays using the xcelligence system / Yama A. Abassi ... [et al.].
Selecting the best HTS hits to move forward : ITC ligand binding characterization provides guidance / Ronan O'Brien & Richard Brown.
Incorporating transmitted light modalities into high-content analysis assays / Robert Graves.
Nonradioactive rubidium efflux assay technology for screening of ion channels / Georg C. Terstappen.
Expanding the scope of HTMS methods / Tom G. Holt ... [et al.].
A novel multiplex SPR array for rapid screening and affinity determination of monoclonal antibodies : the proteon XPR36 label free system : kinetic screening of monoclonal antibodies / Vered Bronner, Oded Nahshol, and Tsafrir Bravman.
Biophysics/label-free assays in hit discovery and verification / Johannes Ottl.
Harnessing optical label-free on microtiter plates for lead finding from binding to phenotypes / Julio Martin.
Use of label-free detection technologies in the hit-to-lead process: surface optical detection of cellular processes / F. Stuhmeier ... [et al.].
Cellular screening for 7TMS using label-free detection / Jeffrey C. Jerman, Jason Brown, and Magalie Rocheville.
Novartis evaluation of the ForteBio Octet RED : a versatile instrument for direct-binding experiments / Eric Martin ... [et al.].
The pyramid approach to fragment-based biophysical screening / Glyn Williams.
Characterisation of antibodies against the active conformation of Gài1 using the SRU-BIND label free detection system / Melanie Leveridge, Chun-Wa Chung, and Trevor Wattam.
SPR based direct binding assays in drug discovery / Walter Huber.
Kinetic binding mechanisms: their contribution to an optimal therapeutic index / David C. Swinney.
ITC : more than just binding affinities / Ernesto Freire. Over the past two decades the benefits of label-free biosensor analysis have begun to make an impact in the market, and systems are beginning to be used as mainstream research tools in many drug discovery laboratories. Label-Free Technologies For Drug Discovery summarises the latest and emerging developments in label-free detection systems, their underlying technology principles and end-user case studies that reveal the power and limitations of label-free in all areas of drug discovery. Label-free technologies discussed include SPR, NMR, high-throughput mass spectrometry, resonant waveguide plat.