Table of Contents

KRIYOL SYNTAX; Editorial page; Title page; Copyright page; Acknowledgements; Table of contents; Abbreviations for sources; Map; Chapter 1. Introduction; 1.1. History; 1.2. A history of Kriyol: facts and suppositions; 1.3. The study of Kriyol: what, how, and why?; 1.4. A phonological sketch of Kriyol; 1.4.1. Syllabic structure; 1.4.2. Stress; 1.4.3. Vowels; 1.4.4. Consonants; 1.5. Phonological developments from 16th century Portuguese to Kriyol; 1.6. Relation with Cape-Verdean Creole; Chapter 2. The simple sentence; 2.1. Introduction; 2.2. The composition of the predicate This book describes the Portuguese-based Creole which is widely spoken as a first language in Guinea-Bissau. The study focuses on one variety, 'central Kriyol', and its main aim is to present a complete description of the grammar of the language. The theoretical framework for the syntactic analysis is purposely eclectic but relies primarily on Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar, and ample attention is paid to the cognitive or semantic dimension in the explanation of linguistic facts. After a short introduction on the history and phonology of the language and the organization of the study, th.