Table of Contents

Introduction: Knowledge, communication, reflexive creativity and social change / Arnaud Sales, Marcel Fournier, Yan Senechal.
Knowledge and social change in contemporary societies: Modern societies as knowledge societies / Nico Stehr. Knowledge and societal change : institutional coordination and the evolution of organizational populations / Jerald Hage.
New information technologies and communication, communities and public sphere: Mobilities, networks and communities / John Urry. Informational technology and the international public sphere / Craig Calhoun. Creativity in an Orwellian key : a sceptic's guide to the post-sociological imaginary / Steve Fuller.
Creativity and communication in the production of knowledge: Between science and rhetoric : a recurrent debate on the role of communication and creativity in the definition of knowledge / Philippe Breton. High cognitive complexity and the making of major scientific discoveries / J. Rogers Hollingsworth. The creativity of intellectual networks and the struggle over attention space / Randall Collins. Evaluating creative minds : the assessment of originality in peer review / Michele Lamont ... [et al.]. The book is a theoretically rich and sophisticated contribution to the development of knowledge society studies and to the analysis of the many puzzles of intellectual innovation. It will surely become a sourcebook for anyone interested in creativity and knowledge production' - Karin Knorr Cetina, University of Chicago and University of Konstanz. 'Gathers together some of the most interesting social-scientific thinking currently underway in Europe and North America? presents sociology in its most engaging and contemporary form' - Canadian Journal of Sociology. Knowledge, communication and crea.