Table of Contents

Doctor talk and Hawaiian "talk story" : the conversational organisation of a clinical encounter / G.M. White and A.B. Robillard.
Physician-patient relations in Judaism / P. Haas.
Parent-professional communication relative to medical care decision making for seriously ill newborns / H. Able-Boone.
Interview with a gynecologic oncologist on doctor-patient interactions / D.H.O. Sevin.
Letters from a resident / A.C.L. Lerman.
Ten keys to better doctor-patient relations / A.G. Lensgraf. Preface / Juliana Beuerlein.
Introduction / Walburga von Raffler-Engel.
Doctor-patient relationships in the 1980s / Walburga von Raffler-Engel.
An intercultural communication gap : North American Indians vs. the mainstream medical profession / T. Kaplan.
Medical history-taking as an interactive event / A. Neustein.
Linguistic means of social distancing in physician-patient communication / V.M. Henzl.
The psychoanalytic discourse / D. Flader.
Verbal and nonverbal communication in a family practice consultation : a focus on the physician-patient relationship / P.A. Mitchum.
The dialogics of a doctor-patient relationship / H.S. Herzka.
Doctor-patient interactions in cases of severe oligophrenia and dementia / W.K. Müller.