Table of Contents

The immune response to transplanted organs.
The histocompatibility laboratory in clinical transplantation.
Immunosuppressive therapy in kidney and pancreas transplantation.
Clinical pharmacologic principles and immunosuppression.
Pathology of kidney and pancreas transplantation.
Design, conduct, and report of clinical trials of immunosuppressive regimens in solid organ transplantation.
Outcomes of kidney and pancreas transplantation.
Medical and surgical evaluation of the adult kidney transplant candidate.
Selection and preparation of the pancreas transplant recipient.
Kidney transplant recipient surgery.
Issues and surgical techniques to expand the pool of kidneys available for transplantation.
Pancreas transplantation: surgical techniques.
Laparoscopic living kidney donation.
Perioperative and anesthetic management in kidney and pancreas transplantation management.
Surgical complications after kidney transplantation.
Urological complications after kidney transplantation.
Medical management of kidney transplant recipients.
Infectious complications: prevention and management.
Living kidney donation: pre- and post-donation evaluation and management.
Psychology, quality of life and rehabilitation after kidney and pancreas transplantation.
Kidney allocation system for deceased donor kidneys in the united states.
Ethics of transplantation.
Long-term (20-40 years) renal transplant outcomes and classification of long-term patient and allograft survivals.
Quantitative aspects of clinical reasoning: measuring endpoints and performance.
The business of transplantation. The transplant physicians and surgeons at Cleveland Clinic have collaborated to produce, "Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation: A Practical Guide". This volume is devoted to kidney and pancreas transplantation and is well grounded in scientific principles, quantitative clinical reasoning, clinical pharmacology, tested clinical practices and overall clinical applicability. Also addressed are key aspects in the initiation, maintenance and sustained growth of viable clinical programs in kidney and pancreas transplantation. "Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation: A Practical Guide & quot.