Table of Contents

Jewish Translation History; Editorial page; Title page; LCC page; Epigraph; Table of contents; Translation and re.ection on translation; Compiler's Introduction; Chapter 1 General; Chapter 2 Medieval and Early Renaissance, 900 to 1500; Chapter 3 Late Renaissance and EarlyModern Period, 1500 to 1750; Chapter 4 Haskalah Period, 1750-1850; Chapter 5 Translations into Hebrew, 1850-2000; Chapter 6 Translations of Hebrew Israeli literature; Chapter 7 Translations to and from Yiddish; Chapter 8 Judezmo (Ladino) translations; Chapter 9 Judeo-Italian translations; Chapter 10 Judeo-Persian translations. A classified bibliographic resource for tracing the history of Jewish translation activity from the Middle Ages to the present day, providing the researcher with over a thousand entries devoted solely to the Jewish role in the east-to-west transmission of Greek and Arab learning and science into Latin or Hebrew. Other major sections extend the coverage to modern times, taking special note of the absorption of European literature into the Jewish cultural orbit via Hebrew, Yiddish, or Judezmo translations, for instance, or the translation and reception of Jewish literature written in Jewish lang.