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COVER; ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS; CONTENTS; PREFACE; CHAPTER ONE Introduction; CHAPTER TWO The first emigration wave (1933-1935) and the first "Sorgenkinder" Uncertainty and confusion in Europe and North America; CHAPTER THREE 'What shall those members do?" Jones's politics in 1933; CHAPTER FOUR The refugees' American dream "They could emigrate for instance to Buffalo, Detroit, Cincinnati, St. Louis . . ."; CHAPTER FIVE The final blow Edith Jacobsohn and the expulsion of Jewish analysts from the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute; CHAPTER SIX To die in freedom This book examines the effects of the emigration of German and Austrian analysts during the Nazi persecutions, especially to London. In particular it draws upon the correspondence between Ernest Jones and Anna Freud to illuminate the attitudes of those two central figures to 'the politics of emigration'.