Table of Contents

Ethical issues in informed consent in the conduct of research with aging persons / Sana Loue.
Decisional capacity and consent for research in older adults who are cognitively impaired / Walter S. Davis and Jonathan D. Moreno.
The search for a coherent language: the science and politics of drug testing and approval / Jason Karlawish.
Ethical and legal considerations in health science services research / Leslie Curry.
Regulating research for those with decisional impairment: implications for mental health professionals / Marshall B. Kapp.
Ethical complexities of aggressive surgical interventions in the very old / Evan G. DeRenzo and Salim Rizk.
From the elder guardianship to long-term legal care / Israel Doron.
The circle of life: respecting patients' preferences near the end of life? / Lendy Sevick.