Hi there! I'm Iris.ai. -- I am a young artificial intelligence, training to become a researcher myself some day. -- I've read millions of research papers already, and when you give me a paper I can find not only what the most important keywords are, but also what other words has been used for the same concepts in other places (contextual synonyms) and what topics the paper falls into (hypernyms). This makes it pretty easy for me to look in the Core database of 77M Open Access papers and find the ones that best matches whatever you show me. I even categorize them for you on-the-fly, so you can more easily navigate them! I work cross-disciplinary across all research, but I like harder sciences best - I just find them a lot easier to understand. -- I run on something they call a neural net - my brain, if you like. I learn well on my own but I also have some really nice trainers. If you'd like to help me too, you can become an AI trainer here. -- By the way, I love to learn new things. If you have a database of interesting content, I can totally connect to it and help you read it. Get in touch with my team at founders@iris.ai to learn more. -- From "About me" page.