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""Cover""; ""Title Page""; ""Copyright""; ""Contents""; ""List of contributors""; ""Foreword""; ""Preface""; ""About the Authors""; ""Chapter 1 Emergency Care at the Olympic Games""; ""Introduction""; ""Early Preparations""; ""Final Preparations""; ""Team and IF Doctors""; ""Summary""; ""Chapter 2 Injury and Illness During the 2008 Summer and the 2010 Winter Olympic Games""; ""Vancouver Winter Games 2010 "" ""Beijing Summer Olympic Games""""Bibliography""; ""Chapter 3 The Medical Team Response""; ""ABC on the Field of Play""; ""Preparation""; ""Safety""; ""Fieldside Observation""; ""Observations on approaching the Athlete""; ""The Medical Team Response""; ""The FoP Primary Survey""; ""Primary Survey""; ""Primary Survey""; ""Primary Survey"; ""AVPU System""; ""Glasgow Coma Score (GCS)"" ""Transferring the Athlete from the FOP to the Fieldside""""Fieldside Assessment""; ""Monitoring""; ""Pupils Pathological Findings""; ""Blood Sugar""; ""Blood Pressure""; ""Secondary Survey (Head-to-Toe Examination)""; ""Focused History and Examination""; ""Management Plan""; ""Athlete Medical Room Treatment ""; ""Transportation to Hospital "" ""Discharge""""Teamwork""; ""Team Leader""; ""Bibliography""; ""Chapter 4 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation on the Field of Play""; ""Sudden Cardiac Arrest on the Field of Play""; ""Recognition of Cardiac Arrest""; ""Field of Play Airway ""; ""Foreign Body Airway Obstruction (FBAO or Choking)""; ""Field of Play Breathing"" ""Recovery Position""""Field of Play Circulation"; ""FoP: Combining Compressions and Ventilations""; ""Expired Air Ventilation""; ""Bag-Valve-Mask Ventilation (Two Rescuer Technique) ""; ""FoP Removal""; ""Rhythm Analysis""; ""Shockable Rhythms ""; ""Defibrillation Energy Levels""; ""Nonshockable Rhythms"" ""Reversible Causes (The 4H's and 4T's) "" The Manual focuses on the fieldside diagnosis and treatment of severe injuries and illnesses that can present at a sports event. It concentrates on basic diagnostic skills and treatment modalities as the sports physician has often limited diagnostic and treatment facilities available. Each chapter concentrates on an illness or anatomical injury and offers a structured diagnostic and therapeutic approach in this difficult pre-hospital environment. The chapters explain what problems are to be expected with specific conditions as well as which treatment plan should be implemented and how to