Table of Contents

Connection between research and evidence-based practice / Sharon Cannon and Carol Boswell.
Overview of research / Sharon Cannon and Margaret Robinson.
Ethics and nursing research / Jane Sumner.
Problem statement, research question, hypothesis / Lucy B. Trice and Kathaleen C. Bloom.
Literature review : searching and writing the evidence / Dorothy Greene Jackson.
Sampling / Kathaleen C. Bloom and Lucy B. Trice.
Quantitative research design / Sharon Cannon.
Qualitative research methods / Donna Scott Tilley.
Data collection / Carol Boswell.
Mixed method research / JoAnn Long and Carol Boswell.
Reliability, validity, and trustworthiness / James Eldridge.
Data analysis / James Eldridge.
The research critique process / Carol Boswell and Sharon Cannon.
Application of evidence-based nursing practice with research / Sharon Cannon and Carol Boswell.