Table of Contents

Causes of dyslexia.
Phonological dyslexia.
Orthographic dyslexia.
Retrieval problems (alos called "rapid naming" deficits).
Deep dyslexia.
Mixed and other dyslexias.
Other information about dyslexia and people with dyslexia.
Diagnosis and evaluation.
Laws and remediation.
Other learning problems that can affect reading.
A final word. This practical guide provides basic need-to-know information for parents and professionals and answers frequently asked questions about dyslexia. Using illustrative case studies, Alan M. Hultquist addresses many of the issues surrounding dyslexia, including possible causes and subtypes, means of testing, remediation and the controversial matter of & ldquo;staying back & rdquo; to repeat a school year. He identifies possible methods of classroom accommodation for dyslexic students in a range of subject areas. The list of useful resources at the back of the book can be used by parents and professio.