Table of Contents

A Historical Perspective.
Anatomy of the Pericardium Relevant for Pericardial Access, Pericardioscopy, and Intrapericardial Interventions.
Pericardial Effusion and Cardiac Tamponade.
Pericardial Access and Drainage: Standard Techniques.
Alternative Techniques for Pericardiocentesis.
Pericardiocentesis in the Absence of Effusion.
Diagnostic Value of Pericardial Fluid Analyses.
Pericardiosopy: Endoscopic Insight in Pericardial and Epicardial Pathology.
Epicardial and Pericardial Biopsy.
Intrapericardial Treatment in Pericardial Disease.
Percutaneous Balloon Pericardiotomy.
Frontiers and Emerging Procedures.