Table of Contents

International productivity and competitiveness : an overview / Bert G. Hickman.
Restructuring of the world economy / Lawrence R. Klein.
Aggregate productivity and growth in an international comparative setting / John F. Helliwell and Alan Chung.
Productivity, competitiveness, and export growth in developing countries / F. Gerard Adams, Jere R. Behrman, and Michael Boldin.
Productivity, competitiveness, and the socialist system / Gur Ofer.
An international comparison of manufacturing productivity and unit labor cost trends / Arthur Neef.
Intercountry changes in productivity in the manufacturing sector of five OECD countries, 1963-86 / Klaus Conrad.
An international comparison of the multisectoral production structure of the United States, West Germany, and Japan / Mitsuo Saito and Ichiro Tokutsu. Productivity and international competitiveness in Japan and the United States, 1960-85 / Dale W. Jorgenson and Masahiro Kuroda.
International competitiveness of U.S. and Japanese manufacturing industries / Toshiko Tange.
Macroeconomic policies, competitiveness, and U.S. external adjustment / Peter Hooper.
U.S. competitiveness and the exchange rate : a general equilibrium analysis of the U.S. Economy, 1982-86 / Irma Adelman and Sherman Robinson.
Technology, capital formation, and U.S. competitiveness / Ralph Landau.
Price and output adjustment in Japanese manufacturing / William H. Branson and Richard C. Marston.
The trade and industrial policies of postwar Japan : a theoretical perspective / Motoshige Itoh and Kazuharu Kiyono.
Protection and international competitiveness : a view from West Germany / Gernot Klepper and Frank D. Weiss. Discussing the international decline in productivity since the end of World War II, this study contains essays on global perspectives, comparative studies of market economies, USA/international competitiveness and specific country studies (Japan, West Germany and China).