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Title page; Preface; ITCH 2011 Steering Committee; ITCH 2011 Scientific Program Committee; Contents; Clinical Decision Support; Clinical Informatics; E-Learning and Education; Evaluation; Health Records; Health Informatics Initiatives in Developing Countries; Healthcare Modeling and Simulation; Human Computer Interaction; Initiatives in International Health Informatics; On-Line Communities; Methods; Nursing Informatics; Public Health Informatics; Safety and Quality Management; Standardization and Interoperability; Telehealth; Subject Index; Author Index; Health information systems are now widely used around the world to raise the quality of healthcare, reduce medical error rates and improve access to health information and services, and health informatics is now recognized as a separate and unique area of disciplinary study and professional practice. This book presents the proceedings of the 2011 Information Technology and Communications in Health (ITCH) conference, in Victoria, BC, Canada in February 2011. Health informatics issues are not unique to one country or one organization and with its theme of International Perspectives, this confere.