Table of Contents

Introduction / Cary L. Cooper, James Campbell Quick & Marc J. Schabracq.
Health and well-being : the role of the psychological contract / David Guest & Neil Conway.
The social context of work life : implications for burnout and work engagement / Michael P. Leiter & Naomi Stright.
The effects of job strain on risk factors for cardiovascular disease / Arie Shirom ... [et al.].
Sickness presenteeism and attendance pressure factors : implications for practice / Caroline Biron & Per Øystein Saksvik.
Individual differences, work stress and health / Norbert K. Semmer & Laurenz L. Meier.
Gender and work stress : unique stressors, unique responses / Faye K. Cocchiara & Myrtle P. Bell.
Work experiences, stress and health among managerial women : research and practice / Ronald J. Burke & Astrid M. Richardsen.
The role of job control in employee health and well-being / Paul E. Spector.
Stress and careers / Yehuda Baruch.
New technologies and stress / Kai-Christoph Hamborg & Siegfried Greif.
Flexibility at work in relation to employee health / Töres Theorell.
Acute stress at work / Rolf J. Kleber & Peter G. van der Velden.
Management development for well-being and survival : developing the whole person / Rosemary Maellaro & J. Lee Whittington.
Coaching in organizations / Helen Williams & Stephen Palmer.
Women's coping : communal versus individualistic orientation / Pamela A. Geller, Stevan E. Hobfoll & Carla Dunahoo.
Employee assistance programs : a research-based primer / Mark Attridge.
Organizational culture, leadership, change and stress / Manfred Kets de Vries, Laura Guillén Ramo & Konstantin Korotov.
Building interventions to improve staff well-being / Gordon Tinline & Ben Moss.
Stress and effectiveness : an approach for changing organizational culture / Marc J. Schabracq & Iva Smit.
Epilogue / Cary L. Cooper, James Campbell Quick & Marc J. Schabracq.