Table of Contents

v.1. National and local systems of weights and measures.
Symbols, basic constants, conversion data, dimensions, definitions.
Chemical elements and atoms.
Laboratory technique: Thermometry ; Laboratory methods for producing and maintaining constant temperatures ; Laboratory methods for maintaining constant humidity ; Barometry and manometry ; Psychrometry, density of moist air, change in barometric pressure with altitude ; Volume of liquid menisci ; Weights and weighing: Adjustment and consistency of weights, Correction for air buoyancy, Determination of density ; Calibration of volumetric vessels ; Standard buffer solutions and acid-base indicators ; High vacuum technique ; Errors of observation.
Method of arrangement of chemical substances and systems in I. C. T..
Physical properties of chemical substances.
Astronomical and geodetic data.
Aerodynamics. v.2. Strength and related properties of woods: Artificial lumbers.
Building stones.
Heavy clay products and sand-lime brick.
Porcelains and whitewares.
Refractory materials.
Abrasive materials.
Properties of glass.
Chemical durability of glasses.
Vitreous enamels for metals.
Structural cements, limes and plasters: Hydraulic cements ; Portland cement ; Gypsum ; Lime mortar and masonry.
Magnesia cements and concretes.
Dental cements.
Solid fuels.
Petroleums, petroleum products and commercial oils of mineral origin.
Flash points of saturated vapors of combustible liquids.
Quantitative effects of some compounds upon detonation in internal combustion engines.
Lubricants and lubrication.
Gaseous fuels.
Asphalts and mineral waxes.
Tars, pitches and distillates.
Explosions and gaseous explosives.
Animal and vegetable oils, fats and waxes.
Adhesives and gelatins.
Textile fibers.
Tannins and vegetable tanning materials.
Rubber, Gutta Percha and balata - Artificial plastics: Nitrocellulose products ; Phenol resins and their products.
Commercial carbons for electrical uses.
Electrical insulating materials.
Thermal insulating materials.
Raw materials of the paint and varnish industry.
Toxicology of gases and vapors.
Air conditioning: Hygroscopic properties of industrial materials ; Spaces occupied by human beings.
Refrigerating brines.
Sieves and screens.
X-ray diffraction data for miscellaneous natural and industrial materials.
Metallurgy: the properties of metals and alloys. v.3. P-V-T relations for one-phase systems (density, specific gravity, thermal expansion and compressibility).
Phase equilibrium data: Systems containing the vapor phase ; Systems composed of two liquid phases. v.4. Phase-equilibrium data--systems without the vapor phase: Triple points, transition points, melting points, freezing-point--solubility data, solubilities, cryoscopic data, effect of pressure.
Osmotic pressure.
Properties of surfaces: Surface tension ; surface energy and related properties, including the properties of thin layers and of surface solutions. v.5. Viscosity and fluidity.
Kinetics of physical processes.
Heat capacity (Specific heat).
Mechanical equivalent of heat.
Thermal effects accompanying physical and chemical processes.
Thermal conductivity.
Radiometry (Heat and light).
Mechanical equivalent of light.
Properties of soaps and their aqueous solutions.
Index, vols. I-V. v.6. X-ray data.
Electronics and gas conduction.
Dielectric properties.
Electrical conductivity and resistivity.
Pyro- and Piezo-electricity.
Transference numbers of electrolytes in aqueous solution.
Electrolytic electromotive force.
Electrical and optical properties of SiO2.
Atmospheric electricity.
Terrestrial magnetism.
Acoustics. v.7. Refractivity.
Electric and magnetic birefringence.
Kinetics of chemical processes.
Absorption spectra of dyes.
Viscosity of pure liquids.
Free energy of chemical substances (Thermodynamics).
Solubility of slightly soluble salts in aqueous solutions of electrolytes.
Optical rotarory power of solid crystals.
Optical rotatory power of liquids and solutions.
Commercial explosives.
Complete list of journals and their key numbers. Offers data on physical, thermodynamic, mechanical, and other key properties and is a major reference source used by those in chemistry, physics, and engineering. Many tables have been "knovelized" to be interactive. The full text of the original print version is available in PDF format (full-text searchable), including original index. All entries in index hyperlinked to their page numbers.