Table of Contents

Front Cover; Integrityand Change; Copyright Page; Contents; Notes on contributors; Acknowledgements; 1.Introduction: Eileen Smith; 2. A Time toThink: Peter Wilson; 3. What Price Trust?:The struggle against personal corruption in straitened circumstances: Valerie Sinason; 4. The Hidden History in anIdea: The difficulties of adopting anti-racism: Julian Lousada; 5.Counselling in Higher Education: What Kind of Contribution is Possible?: A case study of a counselling service in a period of change: Eileen Smith 6. Re-Imagining the Organisation ofan Institution: Management in human service institutions: Jean Hutton7.Captains and Cricket Teams: Therapists and Groups: Michael Brearley; 8. Working With Abused Clients in an Institutional Setting: Holdinghope amidst despair: Moira Walker; 9. Human Responsesto Destructive Regimes: Paul Hoggett; 10. A Struggle Towards Health in Health Service Policy-Making: Jean White; 11. Internal Space andthe Market: Jean White; 12. Excitement and Tension at the Edge of Chaos:Ralph Stacey; Index Integrity and Change: Mental Health in the Market Place examines how workers in the caring professions might preserve their integrity and ability to reflect and act purposefully in the face of such rapid and extensive change.