Table of Contents

Towards a MIP-cut metascheme (invited talk) / Matteo Fischetti.
Challenges for CPAIOR in computational sustainability (invited talk) / Carla P. Gomes.
Lazy clause generation : combining the power of SAT and CP (and MIP?) solving (invited talk) / Peter J. Stuckey.
On matrices, automata, and double counting / Nicolas Beldiceanu, Mats Carlsson, Pierre Flener, and Justin Pearson.
The increasing Nvalue constraint / Nicolas Beldiceanu, Fabien Hermenier, Xavier Lorca, and Thierry Petit.
Improving the Held and Karp approach with constraint programming / Pascal Benchimol, Jean-Charles Régin, Louis-Martin Rousseau, Michel Rueher, and Willem-Jan van Hoeve.
Characterization and automation of matching-based neighborhoods / Thierry Benoist.
Rapid learning for binary programs / Timo Berthold, Thibaut Feydy, and Peter J. Stuckey.
Hybrid methods for the multileaf collimator sequencing problem / Hadrien Cambazard, Eoin O'Mahony, and Barry O'Sullivan.
Automatically exploiting subproblem equivalence in constraint programming / Geoffrey Chu, Maria Garcia de la Banda, and Peter J. Stuckey.
Single-facility scheduling over long time horizons by logic-based Benders decomposition / Elvin Coban and John N. Hooker.
Integrated maintenance scheduling for semiconductor manufacturing / Andrew Davenport.
A constraint programming approach for the service consolidation problem / Kanika Dhyani, Stefano Gualandi, and Paolo Cremonesi.
Solving connected subgraph problems in wildlife conservation / Bistra Dilkina and Carla P. Gomes.
Consistency check for the bin packing constraint revisited / Julien Dupuis, Pierre Schaus, and Yves Deville.
A relax-and-cut framework for Gomory's mixed-integer cuts / Matteo Fischetti and Domenico Salvagnin.
An in-out approach to disjunctive optimization / Matteo Fischetti and Domenico Salvagnin.
A SAT encoding for multi-dimensional packing problems / Stéphane Grandcolas and Cédric Pinto.
Job shop scheduling with setup times and maximal time-lags : a simple constraint programming approach / Diarmuid Grimes and Emmanuel Hebrard.
On the design of the next generation access networks / Stefano Gualandi, Federico Malucelli, and Domenico L. Sozzi.
Vehicle routing for food rescue programs : a comparison of different approaches / Canan Gunes, Willem-Jan van Hoeve, and Sridhar Tayur.
Constraint programming and combinatorial optimisation in Numberjack / Emmanuel Hebrard, Eoin O'Mahony, and Barry O'Sullivan.
Automated configuration of mixed integer programming solvers / Frank Hutter, Holger H. Hoos, and Kevin Leyton-Brown.
Upper bounds on the number of solutions of binary integer programs / Siddhartha Jain, Serdar Kadioglu, and Meinolf Sellmann.
Matrix interdiction problem / Shiva Prasad Kasiviswanathan and Feng Pan.
Strong combination of ant colony optimization with constraint programming optimization / Madjid Khichane, Patrick Albert, and Christine Solnon.
Service-oriented volunteer computing for massively parallel constraint solving using portfolios / Zeynep Kiziltan and Jacopo Mauro.
Constraint programming with arbitrarily large integer variables / Anna Moss.
Constraint-based local search for constrained optimum paths problems / Quang Dung Pham, Yves Deville, and Pascal Van Hentenryck.
Stochastic constraint programming by neuroevolution with filtering / Steve D. Prestwich, S. Armagan Tarim, Roberto Rossi, and Brahim Hnich.
The weighted spanning tree constraint revisited / Jean-Charles Régin, Louis-Martin Rousseau, Michel Rueher, and Willem-Jan van Hoeve.
Constraint reasoning with uncertain data using CDF-intervals / Aya Saad, Carmen Gervet, and Slim Abdennadher.
Revisiting the soft global cardinality constraint / Pierre Schaus, Pascal Van Hentenryck, and Alessandro Zanarini.
A constraint integer programming approach for resource-constrained project scheduling / Timo Berthold, Stefan Heinz, Marco E. Lübbecke, Rolf H. Möhring, and Jens Schulz.
Strategic planning for disaster recovery with stochastic last mile distribution / Pascal Van Hentenryck, Russell Bent, and Carleton Coffrin.
Massively parallel constraint programming for supercomputers : challenges and initial results / Feng Xie and Andrew Davenport.
Boosting set constraint propagation for network design / Justin Yip, Pascal Van Hentenryck, and Carmen Gervet.
More robust counting-based search heuristics with alldifferent constraints / Alessandro Zanarini and Gilles Pesant.