Table of Contents

About the Authors; 1 Introduction; 2 Characterization of Inorganic Polymers; 3 Polyphosphazenes; 4 Polysiloxanes and Related Polymers; 5 Polysilanes and Related Polymers; 6 Ferrocene-Based Polymers, and Additional Phosphorus- and Boron-Containing Polymers; 7 Miscellaneous Inorganic Polymers; 8 Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Composites; 9 Preceramic Inorganic Polymers; Index. I. Introduction 1.1. What Is a Polymer1.2. How Polymers Are Depicted1.3. Reasons for Interest in Organic Polymers1.4. Types of Inorganic Polymers1.5. Special Characteristics of PolymersII. Characterization of Inorganic Polymers 2.1. Molecular Weights2.2. Molecular Weight Distribution2.3. Other Structural Features2.4. Chain Statistics2.5. Solubility Considerations2.6. Crystallinity2.7. Transitions2.8. Spectroscopy2.9. Mechanical PropertiesIII. Polyphosphazenes 3.1. Introduction3.2. History3.3. Alternative Synthesis Routes to Linear Polymers3.4. Surface Reactions of Polyphosphazenes3.5. Hybrid S.