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Inference and Anticipation in Simultaneous Interpreting; Editorial page; Title page; LCC page; Table of contents; Editors' critical foreword; Foreword; Abbreviations and symbols; 1. The psycholinguistic approach to SI research; 2. Speed, memory and simultaneity; 3. The semantic and pragmatic structure of discourse; 4. Semantic structure and objective semantic redundancy; 5. Communicative context and subjective redundancy; 6. A probability anticipation model for SI; 7. Theme and compression; 8. Rheme and information density; 9. Syntax and communicative word order. Until now, Ghelly Chernov's work on the theory of simultaneous interpretation (SI) was mostly accessible only to a Russian-speaking readership. Finally, Chernov's major work, originally published in Russia in 1987 under the title????????????????????????? (Introduction to Simultaneous Interpretation) and widely considered a classic in interpretation theory, is now available in English as well. Adopting a psycholinguistic approach to professional SI, Chernov defines it as a task performed in a single pass concurrently with the source language speech, under extreme perception and production co.