Table of Contents

Front Matter.
Historical Overview of Global Infectious Diseases and Geopolitics / Francis E G Cox.
Detection of Infectious Diseases Using Unofficial Sources / Lawrence C Madoff, David O Freedman.
Microbes on the move: Prevention, Curtailment, Outbreak / Patricia Schlagenhauf, Giles Poumerol, Francisco Santos-O'Connor.
Diagnostic Tests and Procedures / Larry I Lutwick, Marc Mendelson, Eskild Petersen.
East Africa: Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands / Philippe Gautret, Philippe Parola.
Eastern Africa / Andreas Neumayr, Christoph Hatz.
Central Africa / Gerd D Burchard, Stephan Ehrhardt.
North Africa / Philippe Gautret, Nadjet Mouffok, Philippe Parola.
Southern Africa / Marc Mendelson, Olga Perovic, Lucille Blumberg.
West Africa / Joanna S Herman, Peter L Chiodini.
Eastern Asia / Susan MacDonald, Yasuyuki Kato, Annelies Wilder-Smith.
South Central Asia / Prativa Pandey, Holly Murphy, Ashish Bhalla.
South-Eastern Asia / Daniel H Paris, Nicholas J White.
Western Asia and the Middle East: Part 1 / Eyal Leshem, Eli Schwartz.
Western Asia and the Middle East: Part 2 / Jaffar A Al-Tawfiq, Ziad A Memish.
Eastern Europe / Natalia Pshenichnaya, Malgorzata Paul.
Northern Europe / Birgitta Evenḡ, Audrone Marcinkute, Eskild Petersen.
Southern Europe / Francesco Castelli, Fabio Buelli, Pier Francesco Giorgetti.
Western Europe / Peter J de Vries.
Caribbean / Jana I Preis, Larry I Lutwick.
Central America / Julius B Salamera, Larry I Lutwick.
South America / Rodrigo Nogueira Angerami, Luiz Jacintho da Silva.
Northern America / Barbra M Blair, Philip R Fischer, Michael Libman, Lin H Chen.
Australia and New Zealand / Karin Leder, Joseph Torresi, Marc Shaw.
Oceania / Karin Leder, Joseph Torresi, Marc Shaw.
Arctic and Antarctica / Anders Koch, Michael G Bruce, Karin Ladefoged.
The Immunosuppressed Patient / Brian T Montague, Terri L Montague, Maria D Mileno.
Emerging Infections / Mary Elizabeth Wilson.
Migration and the Geography of Disease / Rogelio L̤pez-V̌lez, Francesca F Norman, Još-Antonio P̌rez-Molina.
Climate Change and the Geographical Distribution of Infectious Diseases / David Harley, Ashwin Swaminathan, Anthony J McMichael.
Index. This concise and practical guide describes infections in geographical areas and provides information on disease risk, concomitant infections (such as co-prevalence of HIV and tuberculosis) and emerging bacterial, viral and parasitic infections in a given geographical area of the world. Infectious Diseases: A Geographic Guide is divided according to United Nations world regions and addresses geographic disease profiles, presenting symptoms and incubation periods of infections. Each chapter contains a section on the coverage of the childhood vaccination programs in the countries included in that region. Chapters also include descriptions of infectious disease risk and problems with resistant bacteria in each region (e.g. antibiotic resistance in Salmonella infections in Southeast Asia). For the clinician, this book is a tool to generate differential diagnoses by considering the geographical history, as well the presenting symptoms and duration of illness. For the travel medicine specialist, this book provides information on risks of different diseases at various destinations and is particularly useful in advising long-term travelers.