Table of Contents

Foreword / Phyllis Booth.
Introduction and content of the book / Susan Hart.
In tune with feeling : musical play with emotions of creativity, inspiring neuroaffective development and self-confidence for learning in company / Colwyn Trevarthen and Jaak Panksepp.
Empathy and compassion are also competences that have to be learned / Susan Hart.
Is it OK to play and have fun at school? / Susan Hart.
Maturing meetings in children groups : now-moments and flow / Marianne Bentzen and Christine Lakoseljac-Andreasen.
Group theraplay in classrooms : how playful engagement fosters social and emotional growth? / Phyllis Rubin and Marlo Winstead.
Inclusion, children groups, music therapy : music and communicative musicality / Ulla Holck and Stine Lindahl Jacobsen.
The emerging of empathy / Dorothea Rahm.
My pain turned to gold / Eldbjørg Wedaa.
Playing with possibilities : sensorimotor psychotherapy with younger clients in individual, family and group psychotherapy / Bonnie Goldstein and Pat Ogden.
Getting together, playing together, healing together : how to craft a somatic based group activity / Alexandre Duarte.
MASSA : neuroaffective psychological structured social activity / Susan Hart, Knud Hellborn and Gitte Jørgensen.
Friendship, empathy and mindfulness in children's groups : developing children's natural capacities / Helle Jensen.
Multi-family therapy with groups of children and their parents/carers / Serena Potter.
Epilogue / Ssusan Hart.