Table of Contents

English in Europe / Gunilla Anderman and Margaret Rogers.
English translation and linguistic hegemony in the global era / Stuart Campbell.
Unequal systems / Christopher Rollason.
E-mail, emilio, or mensaje de correo electrnico? / Jeremy Munday.
The influence of English on Italian / M.T. Musacchio.
The influence of English on Greek / Polymnia Tsagouria.
Polish under siege? / W. Chlopicki.
New Anglicisms in Russian / Nelly G. Chachibaia And Michael R. Colenso.
Anglo-Finnish contacts / Kate Moore and Krista Varantola.
Contemporary English influence on German / Stephen Barbour.
Anglicisms and translation / Henrik Gottlieb.
Anglicisms in Norwegian / Stig Johansson and Anne-Line Graedler.
Fingerprints in translation / Martin Gellerstam.
Translation and/or editing / Emma Wagner.
Translating into L2 / Beverly Adab.
Translating into English as a non-native language / Marcel Thelen.
Native versus non-native speaker competence in German-English translation / Margaret Rogers.
Intercultural dialogue / Anne Ife.
L'anglaise or the invisible European / Gunilla Anderman.