Table of Contents

The role of milk in the diet / H. Bishop MacDonald.
The health aspects of milk / M. de Vrese ... [et al.].
'Designer' milks : functional foods from milk / M. Boland.
Understanding and preventing consumer milk microbial spoilage and chemical deterioration / M. Heyndrickx ... [et al.].
Effects of packaging on milk quality and safety / M. Kontominas.
Sensory evaluation of milk / K.W. Chapman.
Instrumental measurement of milk flavour and colour / K. Cadwallader.
Analysing and improving the mineral content of milk / F. Gaucheron.
Improving the level of vitamins in milk / B. Graulet.
Managing the environmental impact of the dairy industry : the business case for sustainability / R. Pagan, N. Price and P. Prasad.
Improving organic milk / R. Weller.
Improving goat milk / Y. Park.
Improving the quality and safety of sheep milk / R. Bencini ... [et al.].
Improving buffalo milk / M. Guo and G. Hendricks.
Milk quality requirements for yoghurt-making / R.K. Robinson and M.S.Y. Haddadin.
Milk quality requirements for cheesemaking / S. Skeie.
Trends in infant formulas : a dairy perspective / R. Floris ... [et al.].
Applications of milk components in products other than foods / J.-L. Audic and B. Chaufer.