Table of Contents

Milk biochemistry / A.L. Kelly and L. Bach Larsen.
The microbiological safety of raw milk / M.W. Griffiths.
Key requirements for milk quality and safety : a processor's perspective / K. Burgess.
Identifying pathogens in milk / B. Stessl and I. Hein.
Pesticides, veterinary residues and other contaminants in milk / S.K. Nag.
Contaminants in milk : routes of contamination, analytical techniques and methods of control / S.K. Nag.
Good hygienic practice in milk production and processing / M.C. te Giffel and M.H.J. Wells-Bennik.
Exploiting genetic variation in milk-fat composition of milk from dairy cows / J.A.M. van Arendonk, H.J.F. van Valenberg and H. Bovenhuis.
Cows' diet and milk composition / O.M. Harstad and H. Steinshamn.
Mastitis and raw milk quality, safety and yield / J. Hamann.
Quality assurance schemes on the dairy farm / O. Cerf, J.-M. Gautier and P. Parguel.
Improving pasteurised and extended shelf-life milk / M. Lewis.
Improving UHT processing and UHT milk products / H. Deeth.
Modelling heat processing of dairy products / N. Hotrum, M. Fox, H. van Lieverloo, E. Smit, P. de Jong and M. Schutyser.
Removal of bacteria, spores and somatic cells from milk by centrifugation and microfiltration techniques / G. Gésan-Guiziou.
High pressure processing of milk / T. Huppertz.
Pasteurization of milk with pulsed electric fields / G. Barbosa-Cánovas and D. Bermúdez-Aguirre.
Other novel milk preservation technologies : ultrasound, irradiation, microwave, radio frequency, ohmic heating, ultraviolet light and bacteriocins / G. Barbosa-Cánovas and D. Bermúdez-Aguirre.
Hazard analysis critical control point and other food safety systems in milk processing / S.C. Murphy.