Table of Contents

Patrilineal descent and the construction of identities.
Jews and non-Jews : Paul's ethnic map.
Reconstructing Gentile origins : adoption by the Spirit.
Descendants of a faithful ancestor : hoi ek pisteō‍s.
"All the Gentiles will be blessed in you".
Formed after an image : procreative God in Romans 8:29.
Negotiating multiple identities.
Ranking ethnic peoples : "first the Jew, then the Greek." "If Sons, Then Heirs demonstrates that Paul's thinking is immersed in the story of Israel. He speaks not as a Christian theologian, but as a first-century Jewish teacher of gentiles responding to concrete situations in these early communities of Christ-followers. As such Paul does not reject or critique Judaism, but responds to God's call to be a "light to the nations.""--Jacket.