Table of Contents

Pt. 1. Cardiovascular disease: past, present, and future.
pt. 2. Foundations of cardiovascular medicine..
pt. 3. Evaluation of the patient.
pt. 4. Heart failure.
pt. 5. Cardiomyopathy and specific heart muscle diseases.
pt. 6. Rhythm and conduction disorders.
pt. 7. Syncope, sudden death, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
pt. 8. Coronary heart disease.
pt. 9. Systemic arterial hypertension.
pt. 10. Cardiopulmonary disease.
pt. 11. Valvular heart disease.
pt. 12. Congenital heart disease.
pt. 13. Pericardial diseases and endocarditis.
pt. 14. Anesthesia, surgery, and the heart.
pt. 15. Miscellaneous conditions and cardiovascular disease.
pt. 16. Diseases of the great vessels and peripheral vessels.
pt. 17. Social issues and cardiovascular disease.