Table of Contents

Strategic human resources management / Myron D. Fottler.
Healthcare workforce planning / Thomas C. Ricketts III.
Globalization and the healthcare workforce / Leah E. Masselink.
Healthcare professionals / Kenneth R. White, Dolores G. Clement, and Kristie G. Stover.
The legal environment of human resources management / Beverly L. Rubin and Bruce J. Fried.
Workforce diversity / Rupert M. Evans Sr..
Job analysis and job design / Myron D. Fottler.
Recruitment, selection, and retention / Bruce J. Fried and Michael Gates.
Organizational development and training / Rita Quinton.
Performance management / Bruce J. Fried.
Compensation practices, planning, and challenges / Howard L. Smith ... [et al.].
Employee benefits / Dolores G. Clement, Maria A. Curran, and Sharon L. Jahn.
Health safety and preparedness / William Gentry.
Managing with organized labor / Donna Malvey.
Nurse workload, staffing, and measurement / Cheryl B. Jones and George H. Pink.
Human resources budgeting and employee productivity / Eileen F. Hamby.
Creating customer-focused healthcare organizations through human resources / Myron D. Fottler and Robert C. Ford.
Present trends that affect the future of human resources management and the healthcare workforce / Bruce J. Fried and Myron D. Fottler.