Table of Contents

The value of vaccination / David E. Bloom.
Recent trends in global immunisation / Gustav J.V. Nossal.
New advances in typhoid fever vaccination strategies / Zulfiqar A. Bhutta ... [et al.].
Prevention of vertical transmission of HIV in resource-limited countries / Catherine M. Wilfert ... [et al.].
Pneumonia in children in developing countries / Frank Shann.
Darwin, microbes and evolution by natural selection / E. Richard Moxon.
Human herpesvirus 6 / Charles G. Prober.
Advances in the diagnosis and management of central venous access device infections in children / Asha Bowen and Jonathan Carapetis.
Moraxella catarrhalis--pathogen or commensal? / Christoph Aebi.
Anaerobic infections in children / Itzhak Brook.
Encephalitis diagnosis and management in the real world / Ssarah S. Long.
Toxic shock syndrome--evolution of an emerging disease / James K. Todd.
Dissection of B-cell development to unravel defects in patients with a primary antibody deficiency / Mirjam van der Burg ... [et al.].
Mumps is back : why is mumps eradication not working? / Noni Macdonald ... [et al.].
Neonatal herpes simplex virus infections : where are we now? / Clara Thompson and Richard Whitley.
Rational approach to pediatric antifungal therapy / William J. Steinbach.
Antiviral therapy of CMV disease in children / Mike Sharland ... [et al.].
Infectious hazards from pets and domestic animals / Mona Al-Dabbagh and Simon Dobson.
Novel technology to study co-evolution of humans and Staphylococcus aureus : consequences for interpreting the biology of colonisation and infection / Alex van Belkum.
A practical approach to eosinophilia in a child arriving or returning from the tropics / Penelope Bryant and Nigel Curtis. This course covers topics in infectious diseases in children and is intended for Pediatric Infectious disease trainees, trainers, and all those who manage children with infections.