Table of Contents

Electrical injury / Amina Lalani.
Drowning and submersion injuries / Adam Cheng.
Pain management and sedation / Rahim Valani.
Nonaccidental trauma / Michelle Shouldice.
Injury prevention / Allyson Hewitt.
Trauma procedures in the emergency department / Rahim Valani.
Transport of the pediatric trauma patient / Adam Cheng. Pediatric cervical spine injuries / Shauna Jain.
Thoracic trauma in children / Patricio Herrera and Jacob C. Langer.
Abdominal and pelvic trauma / Mohammed ZamakhsHary and Paul W. Wales.
Orthopedic trauma / Andrew Howard.
Thoracic and lumbar spine injuries / Andrew Jea and James M. Drake.
Pediatric thermal injury / Laura Snell and Howard Clarke.
Smoke inhalation / Sanjay Mehta --. Primary survey, secondary survey, and adjuncts / Priscilla Chiu.
Airway management / Cengiz Karsli.
Diagnostic imaging of the pediatric trauma patient / Stephen F. Miller.
Head trauma : medical management / James Hutchison and Anne-Marie Guerguerian.
Head trauma : surgical management / Sandrine de Ribaupierre and Peter Dirks.
Craniofacial injury / Christopher R. Forrest.
Neck and airway injury / Paolo Campisi --.