Table of Contents

Introduction to neotropical freshwaters / James S. Albert and Roberto E. Reis.
Major biogeographic and phylogenetic patterns / James S. Albert, Paulo Petry, and Roberto E. Reis.
Geological development of Amazon and Orinoco basins / Frank P. Wesselingh and Carina Hoorn.
The Paraná-Paraguay Basin : geology and paleoenvironments / Mariana Brea and Alejandro F. Zucol.
Species richness and cladal diversity / James S. Albert, Henry J. Bart Jr., and Roberto E. Reis / Paleogene radiations / Hernán López-Fernández and James S. Albert.
Neogene assembly of modern faunas / James S. Albert and Tiago P. Carvalho.
The biogeography of marine incursions in South America / Devin D. Bloom and Nathan R. Lovejoy.
Continental-scale tectonic controls of biogeography and ecology / Flávio C.T. Lima and Alexandre C. Ribeiro.
An ecological perspective on diversity and distributions / William G.R. Crampton.
The Amazon-Paraguay divide / Tiago P. Carvalho and James S. Albert.
The eastern Brazilian Shield / Paulo A. Buckup.
The Guiana Shield / Nathan K. Lujan and Jonathan W. Armbruster.
The Vaupes Arch and Casiquiare Canal : barriers and passages / Kirk O. Winemiller and Stuart C. Willis.
Northern South America : Magdalena and Maracaibo basins / Douglas Rodríguez-Olarte, José Iván Mojica Corzo, and Donald C. Taphorn Baechle.
The Andes : riding the tectonic uplift / Scott Schaefer.
Nuclear Central America / C. Darrin Hulsey and Hernán López-Fernández.
Not so fast : a new take on the great American biotic interchange / Prosanta Chakrabarty and James S. Albert. The fish faunas of continental South and Central America constitute one of the greatest concentrations of aquatic diversity on Earth, consisting of about ten percent of all living vertebrate species. This title explores the evolutionary origins of this unique ecosystem.