Table of Contents

An Introduction to Weed Biology.
Herbicide Discovery and Development.
Herbicide Uptake and Movement.
Herbicide Selectivity and Metabolism.
Herbicides That Inhibit Photosynthesis.
Inhibitors of Pigment Biosynthesis.
Auxin-Type Herbicides.
Inhibitors of Lipid Biosynthesis.
The Inhibition of Amino Acid Biosynthesis.
The Disruption of Cell Division.
The Inhibition of Cellulose Biosynthesis.
Herbicide Resistance.
Herbicide-Tolerant Crops.
Further Targets For Herbicide Development.
Index. Herbicides continue to make a spectacular contribution to modern safe crop production. It is essential to understand how these compounds work in plants and their surroundings to properly facilitate the development of more effective and safer agrochemicals. This book provides that information in a succinct and user-friendly way. The second edition of this very well-received and highly thought of book has been fully up-dated with much new information of relevance to the subject, particularly in the areas of cell and molecular biology.