Table of Contents

pt. 1. Molecular biology of Hepatitis B virus.
Replication of the Hepatitis B virus genome / Christoph Seeger.
The regulation of Hepatitis B virus gene expression: an overview of the cis- and trans- acting components / Marshall J. Kosovsky.
Animal models and experimental systems in Hepatitis B virus research / Stepahn Schaefer.
pt. 2. Infection and chronic disease.
Natural course of HBV infection / Hubert E. Blum.
Genetic variants of HBV / Tim J. Harrison.
The immunology of chronic hepatitis B / Barbara Rehermann.
pt. 3. Hepatocellular carcinoma.
HBV DNA integration and insertional mutagenesis / Katsuro Koike.
Transactivators of HBV, signal transduction and tumorigenesis / Wolfgang H. Caselmann.
Oncogenes, tumour suppressors and co-factors in hepatocellular carcinoma / Hisaki Nagai.
pt. 4. Rational approaches for the prevention of infection and therapy.
Hepatitis B virus vaccines / Florian Schödel.
Chronic hepatitis B viral infection: cytokines and therapy / Graham R. Foster.
The development of targettable vectors for the liver and prospects for treatment / Ludwig Weiss.