Table of Contents

The physical description of signals / William Morris Hartmann.
Cochlear structure and function / Graeme K. Yates.
Neural signal processing / Alan R. Palmer.
Loudness perception and intensity coding / Christopher and Robert Carlyson.
Frequency analysis and masking / Brian C.J. Moore.
Temporal integration and temporal resolution / David A. Eddins and David M. Green.
Across-Channell process in masking / Joseph W. Hall III, John H. Grose, and Lee Mendoza.
Pitch perception / Adrianus J.M. Houtsma.
Spatial hearing and related phenomena / D. Wesley Grantham.
Models of Binaural interaction / Richard M. Stern and Constantine Trahiotis.
Auditory Grouping / C.J. Darwin and R.P. Carlyson.
Timbre perception and auditory object identification / Stephen Handel.