Table of Contents

Trans fatty acids in foods and their labeling regulations / Nimal W.M. Ratnayake and C. Zehaluk.
Safety, regulatory aspects, and public acceptance of genetically modified lipids / Ravigadevi Sambanthamurthi, Sharifah Shahrul, and G.K. Ahmad Parveez.
Production, processing, and refining of oils / Ernesto Hernandez.
Novel hydrogenation for low trans fatty acids in vegetable oils / Mun Yhung Jung and David B. Min.
Analysis of lipids by new hyphenated techniques / Huiling Mu.
Supercritical fluid processing of nutritionally functional lipids / Jerry W. King.
Short-path distillation for lipid processing / Xuebing Xu.
Fat crystallization technology / Serpil Metin and Richard Hartel. Annotation