Table of Contents

Specific Challenges in Optimizing Health Care for Cancer Survivors.
What Is Quality Health Care for Cancer Survivors?.
Managing Symptoms over Time.
Health Behaviors and Wellness.
Rehabilitation in the Context of Cancer Survivorship.
Long-Term Psychological Well-Being: Strategies for Assessment and Intervention.
Disparities in Care for Cancer Survivors.
Cancer Survivorship Plans: A Paradigm Shift in the Delivery of Quality Cancer Care.
Optimizing Health: Primary Care.
Optimizing Health: Oncology Care.
Optimizing Survivorship Care: Academic and Community Clinic Models.
The Final Phase of Cancer Survivorship: End-of-Life Care.
Building a Critical Mass of Health-Care Providers, Administrators, and Services for Cancer Survivors.
Epidemiology of Cancer Recurrence, Second Primary Cancer, and Comorbidity Among Cancer Survivors.
Health Economics and Cancer Survivorship.
Human Factors Engineering: Targeting Systems for Change.
Cancer Survivorship and National Health Reform.
Quality Health Care for Cancer Survivors.