Table of Contents

Cover; Contents; Foreword; Part I - Practical Issues for the Behavioral Medicine Specialist; Introduction to Part I; Chapter 1 - Health Psychology Practice in Medical Settings; Chapter 2 - Psychological Assessment Screening in Medical Settings; Chapter 3 - Working With a Multidisciplinary Staff; Chapter 4 - Motivational Enhancement Interventions and Health Behaviors; Chapter 5 - Brief Psychotherapies and Group Treatments in General Health Care Settings; Part II - Behaviors That Compromise Overall Health Status; Introduction to Part II Chapter 6 - Alcohol Problems: Causes, Definitions, and TreatmentsChapter 7 - The Etiology and Treatment of Nicotine Dependence: A Biopsychosocial Perspective; Chapter 8 - Obesity and Body Image Disturbance; Chapter 9 - Physical Inactivity as a Risk Factor for Chronic Disease; Chapter 10 - Stress and Health; Chapter 11 - Management of Inappropriate Medication-Seeking Behavior; Chapter 12 - Adherence to Medical Recommendations; Part III - Behavioral Aspects of Medical Problems; Introduction to Part III; Chapter 13 - Diagnostic and Treatment Considerations in Chronic Pain Chapter 14 - HypertensionChapter 15 - Coronary Heart Disease: Behavioral Cardiology in Clinical Practice; Chapter 16 - Behavioral Management of Type 2 Diabetes; Chapter 17 - Psycho-Oncology; Chapter 18 - Sexual Dysfunctions: Etiology and Treatment; Chapter 19 - Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; Chapter 20 - Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Chapter 21 - Insomnia and the Sleep Disorders; Part IV - Special Issues; Introduction to Part IV; Chapter 22 - Ethical Issues for Clinicians in Behavioral Medicine Settings Chapter 23 - Ethnocultural Issues in Behavioral MedicineChapter 24 - Women's Health Issues; Chapter 25 - Issues With Geriatric Populations; Chapter 26 - Public Health Approaches: Finding the Interface With Health Psychology; Chapter 27 - Practical Research in a Medical Setting Is Good Medicine; Chapter 28 - Evaluating Outcomes in Health Care Settings; Name Index; Subject Index; About the Editors; About the Contributors Featuring a stellar collection of authors, this comprehensive yet practical sourcebook consolidates information needed by health psychologists working alongside other healthcare professionals in a medical setting to conduct research and to provide clinical assessment and behavioural treatment services.