Table of Contents

Organic farming and food systems : definitions and key characteristics / E. Stockdale and C. Watson.
The health benefits of n-3 fatty acids and their concentrations in organic and conventional animal-derived foods / A.M. Minihane, D.I. Givens and R.A. Gibbs.
Environmental impacts on n-3 content of foods from ruminant animals / N.D. Scollan ... [et al.].
Health benefits and selenium content of organic versus conventional foods / J.R. Arthur.
Environmental impacts concerning the selenium content of foods / P.W. Abrahams.
Contaminants in organic and conventional food: the missing link between contaminant levels and health effects / C. Svendsen, A.M.J. Ragas, and J.L.C.M. Dorne.
Mycotoxins in organic and conventional foods and effects of the environment / M. Olsen.
Human pathogens in organic and conventional foods and effects of the environment / A.H.C. van Bruggen, E. Franz and A.M. Semenov.
What does consumer science tell us about organic foods? / C. Ritson and M. Brennan.
The beneficial effects of dietary flavonoids : sources, bioavailability and biological functions / J.P.E. Spencer... [et al.].
Environmental regulation of flavonoid biosynthesis / G.I. Jenkins.
Nitrates in the human diet / N. Benjamin.
Impacts of environment and management on nitrate in vegetables and water / E. Stockdale.
Effects of the environment on the nutritional quality and safety of organically produced foods : round-up and summary / D.P.Richardson. Examines factors such as the role of certain nutrients in prevention and promotion of chronic disease, and health benefits of bioactive compounds in plants. This title covers the prevalence of food-borne pesticides and pathogens and how local and global environmental factors may affect differences between organic and conventionally produced food.