Table of Contents

Theological anthropology and bioethics / Roberto dell'Oro.
Vulnerability, agency, and human flourishing / Alisa L. Carse.
Pluralism, truthfulness, and the patience of being / William Desmond.
Dignity and the human as a natural kind / Daniel P. Sulmasy.
On being true to form / Margaret E. Mohrmann.
The integrity conundrum / Suzanne Holland.
Vulnerabilty and the meaning of illness : reflections on lived experience / S. Kay Toombs.
A meditation on vulnerability and power / Richard M. Zaner.
Vulnerability within the body of Christ : anointing of the sick and theological anthropology / M. Therese Lysaught.
Gender and human relationality / Christine E. Gudorf.
Bioethics, relationships, and participation in the common good / Lisa Sowle Cahill.
Health care and a theological anthropology / Carol Taylor.
Health policy and a theological anthropology / Ron Hamel.
Science and a theological anthropology / Kevin T. FitzGerald.
Toward a richer bioethics : a conclusion / Edmund D. Pellegrino. "Those who have lamented the moral minimalism of much conventional bioethics should celebrate this splendid volume. Those who have called for 'a richer bioethics' should delight in it. Its attention to the nature of human nature and of human flourishing provides an antidote to the reduction of morality to universal and minimal principles. . . . The book is enough to give one hope for the future of bioethics."Allen Verhey, professor of theological ethics, Duke Divinity School