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Cover ; Beiträge zur Bevölkerungswissenschaft ; Health Among the Elderly in Germany. New Evidence on Disease, Disability and Care Need; Content; Preface; Introduction; 1 Introduction; 2 Vanguard groups; 3 Determinants of health and causal pathways; 4 Migrant health; 5 The articles in detail; 5.1 Subjective health, disability, dementia, and depression; 5.2 Long-term care in Germany; 5.3 Migrant health in Germany; References; Welfare state and disability. The relationship between stroke and disability depends on the health care system ; 1 Introduction 1.1 State of research: health inequalities1.2 State of research: welfare and health care regime typologies; 1.3 Why investigate a disability gradient for stroke?; 2 Data and methods ; 2.1 Data; 2.2 Health outcome: ADL disability; 2.3 Determinants of health; 2.3.1 Socio-demographic information; 2.3.2 Health situation; 2.3.3 Country level; 2.4 Methods; 3 Results ; 4 Discussion; References ; Spatial patterns of dementia prevalence and its vascular riskfactors in Germany; 1 Introduction; 2 Data and methods; 3 Results; 4 Discussion; References Community, volunteering, and health in mid- and older adulthood: Evidence from a longitudinal sample of the German Ageing Survey (DEAS)1 Introduction; 1.1 Volunteering and health of seniors; 1.2 Community characteristics and volunteering; 1.3 Community characteristics and health; 1.4 Aim of the study, etiological pathways, and hypotheses; 2 Methods; 2.1 Data; 2.2 Variables; 2.3 Statistical analysis; 3 Results; 3.1 Descriptive findings; 3.2 Multivariate results; 4 Discussion; References Do education levels influence incidence and prevalence of long-term care among the elderly in Germany? Evidence from the German Microcensus Panel data (2001-2004)1 Introduction; 2 Overview of the Statutory Long-term Care system in Germany; 3 Data; 4 Methods; 5 Results; 5.1 Incidence in SLTC use; 5.2 Prevalence in SLTC use; 6 Discussion; References; Spatial patterns in German long-term care and their relationship with socioeconomic factors; 1 Introduction; 2 Background; 3 Data; 4 Methods; 5 Results; 5.1 The county-level relationship between life expectancy and disability 5.2 Living context as a factor of spatial disability patterns6 Discussion; References; Dementia and long-term care - an analysis based on German health insurance data; 1 Introduction; 2 Material and methods; 2.1 Study design and sample; 2.2 Validation of diagnoses; 2.3 Dependent variable: long-term care; 2.4 Medical and demographic variables ; 2.5 Statistical analyses ; 3 Results; 3.1 Descriptive results; 3.2 Model results; 3.3 LTC-free time after an incident dementia diagnosis; 4 Discussion; References Health inequalities of immigrants: Patterns and determinants of health expectancies of Turkish migrants living in Germany