Table of Contents

The wissenschaften of toxicology : harming and helping through time / Richard W. Lane.
The use of toxicology in the regulatory process / Barbara D. Beck, Mara Seeley, and Edward J. Calabrese.
The dose-response : a fundamental concept in toxicology / Edward J. Calabrese.
Metabolism : a determinant of toxicity / Raymond A. Kemper, Mitchell E. Taub, and Matthew S. Bogdanffy.
Toxicokinetics / A. Roberts and Andrew Gordon Renwick.
Physiologically based pharmacokinetic and toxicokinetic models / Harvey J. Clewell III, Rebecca A. Clewell, and Melvin E. Andersen.
Toxicopanomics : applications of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and lipidomics in predictive mechanistic toxicology / Julia Hoeng.
The toxicologic assessment of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products / Michael A. Dorato, Carl L. McMillian, and Tracy M. Williams.
Statistics for toxicologists / Shayne C. Gad.
The practice of exposure assessment / Dennis J. Paustenbach and Amy K. Madl.
Epidemiology for toxicologists / Geary W. Olsen, John L. Butenhoff, and Ralph R. Cook.
Principles of pathology for toxicology studies / Steven R. Frame, Peter C. Mann, and Jessica M. Caverly Rae.
The information infrastructure of toxicology / Philip Wexler, Fred Berman, Patricia Nance, Ann Parker, and Jacqueline Patterson.
Food safety / Claire Kruger, Dietz Conzi, Chada S. Reddy and A. Wallace Hayes.
Solvents and industrial hygiene / David L. Dahlstrom and John E. Snawder.
Crop protection chemicals : mechanism of action and hazard profiles / Charles B. Breckenridge and James T. Stevens.
Metals / Jan E. Hulla.
Ionizing radiation / Roger McClellian.
Plant and animal toxins / Frederick W. Oehme and Daniel E. Keyler.
The humane care and use of laboratory animals in toxicology research / Dale M. Cooper, Lisa Craig, Christopher N. Papagiannis, Duane W. Poage, Gregory W. Ruppert, and David G. Serota.
Validation and regulatory acceptance of new, revised, and alternative toxicological methods / William S. Stokes.
Acute toxicity and eye irritancy / Peter Chan and A. Wallace Hayes.
Genetic toxicology.